Material Returns

**Did you receive an overdue notice from us? CLPL is now fine free, but when an item is 45 days over due, you will receive a billing notice for the price of the item. You can either return the item, make the payment or contact the Library ASAP at 815.459.1687. **

Monday, Wednesday &  Saturday: 10 am-2 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 3-7 pm

Goal: Safe return, handling, and circulation of Crystal Lake Library materials

  • Current guidelines call for a quarantine period of seven days before materials are handled and checked back in by Library staff. Therefore, materials will stay on the patron’s account for a several days after they’re returned.
  • The Library will accept returns until it reaches quarantine capacity. As materials cycle out of the quarantine period, additional returns will be accepted.
  • CLPL is now fine free; however, when materials are 14 days overdue (21 days while we are quarantining returned materials), patrons will be blocked from checking out additional materials and using online resources. Patrons will be charged the cost to replace the materials after 45 days past due.