Harry Potter Book Week

February 1–6
Harry Potter Week: Join us for a wizardly week of programs, activities and trivia.

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt
If Diagon Alley was in Crystal Lake, it would be in downtown! So we’ve partnered with the Crystal Lake Downtown Association for a scavenger hunt.

You will need to search the windows of the stores in Downtown Crystal Lake to spell out a mystery word! Once you have the mystery word you can enter it for a chance to win a special Harry Potter prize!

Click Here for Scavenger Hunt Instructions: Scavenger Hunt Diagon Alley
Click Here When You Know the Mystery Word (Google Form)


Monday, February 1

3:45 pm: Hogwarts Has Gone Virtual!
Watch a special welcome video from Professor Dumbledore.

4 pm: Wand Making
No need to go to Ollivanders to get your wand! Ms. Ashlee shows you how to make your own wand. Use your own supplies at home or register to pick up the supplies from our take-and-make pick up service while supplies last.

5 pm: Make Butterbeer
Before classes start tomorrow, come visit the Leaky Cauldron and learn how to make your own Butterbeer with Ms. Megan.

Tuesday, February 2

4 pm: Divination
Join Ms. Susan as she demonstrates how to use your inner eye to see the future. Download the PDF for this project, or register to pick up one from our take-and-make service, while supplies last.

5 pm: Transfiguration Lesson
Grab your wand and decorating supplies, and join Ms. Jamie to transfigure a cupcake into a cauldron you can eat.

Wednesday, February 3

4 pm: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Face off against fantastic beasts in this online escape room.


Thursday, February 4

4 pm: Potions
Join Ms. Megan to learn how to brew your own Felix Felicis, or liquid luck.

5 pm: Muggle Studies
Ms. Susan will show off her favorite muggle artifacts.


Friday, February 5

4 pm: Care of Magical Creatures
Ms. Karamy will show you how to feed the fiercest of dragons.

5 pm: Charms
Ms. Ashlee will teach you how to use the Impervious Charm with waterproof sand. Register to pick up a container of magical sand from our take-and-make curbside service while supplies last.


Saturday, February 6

History of Magic: Test your trivia knowledge against other Harry Potter fans! Registration is required.
1 pm – Year One – Wizarding Basics (Ages 10 and under)
3 pm – Year Three – Intermediate Wizards (Ages 14 and under)
5 pm – Year Five – Only Wizard Legends (All Ages)
7 pm – Year Seven – Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Trivia (All Ages)