How to Pick Up Hold Materials at New Drive-Up Service Window


The Library’s new drive-up service window and return drop are almost ready for use.

Once operational, patrons can drive up to return materials in the book drop, and can also pick up material holds at the window (once they’ve received a Library notification that their holds are ready for pick up).

In order to use the drive-up service, you must select “Crystal Lake Public Library Drive-up Window” when placing a hold. Or, you can change the location of a hold you’ve already placed. To change the pick up location, log into your account in the catalog and click on “Holds” on the “My Account” drop-down. Select the holds you want to pick up at the drive-up window by clicking on the box left of each
title. Click on the “Change Pick Up Location” button on the bottom of the list. Select the new location using the drop-down menu, and click “Submit.”

Our staff are happy to help with the process. Call them at 815.459.1687.