Library Board of Trustees

Charles K. Ebann
1038 Plantain Court
Home: 815.459.3375

William Weller
15 E. Paddock Street
Home: 815.455.2193

Stacey Lorenz
1592 Birmingham Lane
Home: 815.788.2783

James Becker
30 Elmhurst Street
Home: 815.459.3043

Bonita Drew
353 Grove Street
Cell: 815.347.9357

John Engebretson
921 Aberdeen Drive
Home: 815.459.3099

Mary Alice Fellers
353 Lorraine Drive
Home: 815.356.5933

Rebecca Sisler
1132 Amberwood Drive
Cell: 847.727.6670

Cary Waxler
1491 Blue Heron Drive
Home: 815.261.0856

Kathryn I. Martens
Library Director
Work: 815.526.5102
Fax: 815.459.9581

The Library Board is composed of nine City residents, appointed by the Mayor of Crystal Lake with the approval of the City Council, for 3-year terms.  The Library Board is responsible for the Library’s budget, policies, and strategic plan.  If interested in more information, contact the Library Director, Kathryn I. Martens at or 815.526.5102.