CLPL’s Outreach Services include delivering programs, materials, or services to individuals, adult living communities, and local schools and preschools, as well as providing cooperative community programming with and to area organizations.  Call 815.459.1687, x7 for Adult Outreach or x6 for Youth Outreach.

Home Delivery

If you are temporarily homebound due to illness, permanently disabled, or a senior who no longer drives, our Homebound Services program may be the perfect solution. Library staff and volunteers will work together to deliver materials directly to your home. For more information, please call Adult Services at 815.459.1687, x7.

Assistive Technology

For more information on the equipment listed below, click Assistive Technology at CLPL or dial 815.459.1687, x7.

Available for in-library use
    • CCTV Magnifying System – Enlarges books, magazines, letters, photos and objects (pill bottles, coins, jewelry) to assist those with low vision.
    • JAWS – Software that reads text out loud from word processing documents or the internet.
    • MAGic – Software that magnifies text from word processing documents or the internet up to 16x the original size.
    • MAGic compatible keyboard – Provides software-specific keyboard shortcuts and specific task buttons.
Equipment to Take Home
    • Fancii Clip 3X Magnifier Lamp – Illuminates and magnifies printed material.
    • HamiltonBuhl AudioChamp portable CD/MP3 USB player – An easy-to-use CD player.
    • Magnifying Lamp – This lamp has a magnifying glass attached so your hands are free to work on your projects.
    • TOPAZ PhD Portable Video Magnifier – A portable magnifier that enlarges print and photos in books, magazines, letters, and small objects.